Annual Report 2021

What We Do

We have a clear theory of change that delivers.

We know that well-regulated markets, driven by business and finance, are among the strongest forces for halving emissions by 2030. To further galvanise collaborative leadership, we:​


…ambition loops to remove policy barriers and create enabling conditions for business to accelerate climate action. The more businesses act, the more evidence we have to advocate for change. This, in turn, increases government confidence to set ambitious climate policies, which prompts businesses to take further action.


…with businesses and support their climate leadership as they deliver on each of the 4A’s – Ambition, Action, Advocacy & Accountability. We guide businesses of every size across all sectors and geographies, making climate action accessible to every business leader.


…in initiatives that we believe have the most potential for impact. Currently, 65% of our funds are regranted to these activities across our 7 core partners and 25 implementing partners (grantees). They cut across each of the 4A’s, bringing deeper layers of expertise and local knowledge to our work.


…breakthrough communication campaigns that align individuals and organizations around clear and strong climate action messaging in a unified voice. From #buildbackbetter to #allinfor2030, we help shape the climate debate.

Our impact framework