Annual Report 2021

The coalition at work


in setting science-based targets aligned to the scale of the climate challenge.

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Last year alone, 3,000+ SMEs across more than 90 countries joined the SME Climate Hub. We launched the Hub in the UK (2,000+ SMEs) and newly launched in Spain.
A record number of companies, 1,169, committed to SBTi with 585 companies setting targets.
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Target Setting tools
We developed sector-specific 1.5ºC target-setting tools and technical guides via SBTi to enable business to set science-informed targets.


to cut emissions in half by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050.

PEOPLE in 100+ countries
In 2021, more than 7,000 people in 100+ countries have used SME Climate Hub tools and resources, with 46% of SMEs surveyed saying the Hub helped them find ideas for their emission reduction plans.
3,500 professionals from companies committed to the Climate Pledge attended in person or virtual training events.
We worked with Mission Possible Partnership to launch a global effort of over 400 companies set on decarbonizing 7 heavy industry sectors with their customers, suppliers, bankers, shareholders, and regulators.
215 businesses committed to The Climate Pledge by October 2021 and supported 232,000 people in 167 countries, including large companies and SMEs.
63 Japanese companies joined RE100, nearly three times the target.
Just Transition Guiding Framework
We developed the Just Transition Guiding Framework and three workshops on Just Transition with first movers in the energy and utility sector.


to secure wider societal and systems change.

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Working with our partners and networks, we mobilized 1,000+ businesses and investors in the United States and Japan, successfully advocating for greater emissions reduction before COP26.
$2.7 TRiLlion
10 million employees
Through a public letter signed by 778 companies (totalling $2.7 trillion and 10 million employees), we mobilized the business community to influence outcomes of the G20 and COP26.
2,000 Attendees
28,000 livestream viewers

We hosted the business pavillion at COP26 with 50+ partners showcasing climate leadership. There were 94 events and 2,000 attendees (+ 28,000 people on livestream) over 2 weeks.

and Accountability

to ensure their commitment, action, and transparency as they race to net zero.

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committed to ambitious targets through SBTi and SME Climate Hub
We developed a Reporting Framework for SMEs to clarify the process of progress reporting. Allowing SMEs to report against scope 1, 2 and 3 and enabling the pathway for SMEs to join the Climate Pledge.
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worth over 64% of global market capitalization disclose to CDP on climate change
The coalition elevated and highlighted the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) by engaging 750+ companies to in a responsible policy sign-in asking: Make climate-related financial disclosure mandatory for corporations, in line with the TCFD recommendations.